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PS4 Invisble mount

Forza Sony PlayStation© 4 wall mount is a unique and innovative product. It allows the owner of the PS4™ to proudly display their console on the wall to match the flush appearance of a mounted flat screen television. In addition, our patented video game console wall mount protects the PS4™ from accidental kicks, liquid spills, or from pets and children. The wall mount does not interfere with any of the console functions or prohibit air ventilation. This product is manufactured in the USA with sturdy steel, the first of its kind and simply the best!


 "A clever product that adds eye candy to any wall mounted setup!"


 "The wall mount fits perfect. I love all the extra space on my desk. Plus the cool factor."


 "Thank you to @ForzaDesigns for donating wall mounts to accompany our new PS4s from @GameStop!" - Ronald McDonald House Charities of Greater DC

Our Philosophy

Forza was founded by a group of friends who love hanging out around their TV - to play video games, watch movies, or just to chill with friends. We know what people who get the most out of their entertainment systems want, because we do too! Our philosophy is built upon three principles:

Simplicity. We believe in finding the simplest design solution to every problem. This means minimalism in everything we do. Entertainment systems have enough components and cables to begin with - our products are designed to simplify and protect them. Period.

Functionality. Our products are designed to help you showcase your entertainment system. You’ve invested a lot of time and money into it – now it’s time to show it off! Our promise is that Forza products will dramatically transform the look of your living room for the better.

Elegance. Design matters - a lot. Our design process is painstaking and we only work with manufacturers who can meet our demand for products that work well the first time and are built to last. We constantly incorporate feedback from our customers in the process, and we ourselves also use our products! We know the difference good design makes.

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